PRINCE2 and Project Management Certification

PRINCE2 is arguably the world’s leading project management methodology. The name is an acronym, standing for the second version of ‘Projects in Controlled Environments’. Because of the widespread use of PRINCE2, many prince2 courses are available on The website is designed to help people who want to understand PRINCE2’s approach to projects and achieve certification in this area.

The first version of the methodology – simply known as PRINCE – was created with government IT projects in mind. During the 1990s, the second version was launched, which could be applied to any type of project. PRINCE2 is not IT-specific; instead it is a generic project management methodology. It can be used to manage IT projects, but also other kinds of project.

In order to keep PRINCE2 in line with current best practices, the methodology has been updated since its launch. These updates do not constitute a completely new version of PRINCE2 – there is no PRINCE3, for example – but rather build on and streamline the existing methodology.

PRINCE2 was most recently updated in 2009. The 2009 edition of the PRINCE2 manual, entitled Managing Successful Projects with PRINCE2, accompanies this update and is an important part of PRINCE2 training. The manual sets out the principles, themes, and processes that are crucial to the effectiveness of the methodology.

Since good project management is vital if organisations are to deliver change successfully, it is easy to see why PRINCE2 is popular in today’s ever changing business climate. ‘Change’ in this sense might mean anything from the implementation of a new IT network to the creation of new products, etc. PRINCE2 can be of great assistance when an organisation is endeavouring to deliver change on time, on schedule, and on budget.

To prove their understanding of PRINCE2 – and boost their chances of securing a project management role in a PRINCE2 project environment – thousands of people each year aim to pass PRINCE2 exams. As PRINCE2 originated in the UK, it should come as no surprise that this is the country in which most of these exams are sat. Nevertheless, the exams are increasingly popular abroad. Poland and Denmark, for example, are seeing growing interest in PRINCE2.

Wherever you work, whatever kind of project in which you are involved, it is surely worth considering the benefits that PRINCE2 and PRINCE2 certification could bring.

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