PRINCE2 for Aspiring Project Managers

My brother never tires of telling me that he is good at organising and managing things. In fact, we joke that he is our family’s ‘project manager’!

In the light of these kinds of conversation, I have been wondering if project management could in fact be an excellent career choice for him. I think that a great way to put his project management skills to the test would be for him to book some PRINCE2 training atclick here, either as part of a course at a training venue or online.

For example, during a PRINCE2 Foundation & Practitioner training course (see here) my brother would learn how the PRINCE2 project management methodology can help people to deliver projects on time, on budget, and on schedule. He would be taught the way the method works, as well as learning about tailoring and embedding it on various project scenarios. (Since PRINCE2 is designed to be suitable for managing any project, I think knowing how to tailor the method must be particularly important for a PRINCE2 project manager, particularly if he/she finds that the next project he/she runs is very different to the previous one.) A PRINCE2 course would surely stand him in good stead to pass the PRINCE2 exams and thereby achieve the PRINCE2 Foundation & Practitioner qualifications.

I know that my brother has never used a project management method before, and so where better to start than with PRINCE2? PRINCE2 is very well known and has been widely adopted by organisations, plus it could give his CV a boost. The Foundation & Practitioner qualifications are widely considered to be necessary for project managers who want to manage projects using PRINCE2. I think PRINCE2 can be a very helpful starting point for aspiring project managers.

Let’s hope my brother follows my advice!

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