Which is the Best PRINCE2 Course

Which is the best PRINCE2® course?

PRINCE2 is considered an industry standard in project management competence worldwide. Whether you’re a veteran project manager, or are just starting out in the industry, it’s always a good idea to furnish your CV with a PRINCE2 qualification.

PRINCE2 has several ‘levels’ of qualification, what is best for you depends very much on what your career goals are and what your current role is.

Below, you’ll find information about each PRINCE2 course to help you find the best PRINCE2 qualification for your level of expertise.

PRINCE2 Foundation course

For those new to project manager, or those without any prior qualifications, a PRINCE2 Foundation qualification is a great place to start.

The course curriculum covers all basic PRINCE2 principles, how PRINCE2 principles relate to the PRINCE2 methods and many of the technical terms used by PRINCE2 project managers. If you want to work your way up to a higher PRINCE2 qualification, you’ll need to start here assuming you don’t already possess an equivalent qualification.

This course will show you how work effectively as part of a PRINCE2 project development team. Topics include the 7 PRINCE2 principles, the 7 PRINCE2 themes, the 7 PRINCE2 processes and much more.

To pass the PRINCE2 Foundation exam you’ll have to show that you’ve gained a solid understanding of the basics of PRINCE2. The exam is all multiple-choice but shouldn’t be taken lightly. You’ll only have a short time to answer each question, so having a good grasp of course content is key to ensuring you receive a passing grade.

PRINCE2 Practitioner course

If you’re currently working as a project manager, a PRINCE2 Practitioner course will teach you how to successfully manage a project through the application of PRINCE2 principles and methods.

Completion of a PRINCE2 Practitioner will leave you with a good understanding of the relationships between the PRINCE2 themes and processes. This becomes increasingly important when tailoring PRINCE2 to suit unique project context and requirements, which is also covered in detail in the course syllabus.

As an added bonus, when you complete this course, you’ll be registered as a certified PRINCE2 project manager. This provides an easy way to show potential employers that you have a holistic understanding of PRINCE2 project management and can apply what you’ve learned to the successful governance of simple projects.

PRINCE2 Agile®

PRINCE2 Agile has both Foundation and Practitioner level qualifications designed to teach PRINCE2 Project managers how to adapt their practices to fit within an agile business framework.

Agile methods are becoming increasingly popular in modern industry, particularly in small businesses that don’t have limitless financial backing. Agile methods can help improve project development efficiency and speed. 

The PRINCE2 Agile course will help you take what you know of PRINCE2 and align your current practices with agile project management frameworks. Over the duration of this course, you’ll learn what it means to be agile, the agile principles that drive agile methodologies and how PRINCE2 can work in tandem with popular agile methods.  

PRINCE2 Agile is a great tool to add to your project management skillset and can help you more easily integrate yourself into agile work environments.

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