Benefits of PRINCE2

PRINCE2® is the world’s most popular project management methodology and for good reason. PRINCE2 boasts a significant project success rate and is easy to implement.

Here are just a few reasons that contribute to PRINCE2’s growing success, if you’d like to know more, make sure to see the Knowledge Train blog for weekly updates.

You can tailor it to suit your needs

The PRINCE2 framework can be tailored to fit any project environment. Regardless of size, type, business needs or industry sector, PRINCE2 can be effectively and easily adapted without losing effectiveness.  

PRINCE2 can even be used in tandem with other project management methodologies including agile.

PRINCE2 is recognized worldwide

There are over 1 million PRINCE2 certified project managers in the world. PRINCE2 is used in every industry, in every country and in businesses of all sizes. It’s not uncommon for recruiters to view PRINCE2 as a basic prerequisite when hunting for their next project manager.

Owing to the widespread use of PRINCE2, earning your PRINCE2 qualification can not only increase your credibility as a project manager, but improve your marketability and give you access to global job opportunities.

PRINCE2 uses a universal language

If you choose to manage projects using the PRINCE2 framework, you’ll be able to make use of an established vocabulary to aid project governance. Using shared terminology helps improve understanding and communication, which helps projects run more efficiently.

In addition, because PRINCE2 is used internationally, and in different industries, you’ll find it much easier to work with contractors and third parties. Understanding the language of PRINCE2 can give you access to more career opportunities and enhance your project management career.

PRINCE2 is always relevant

Whether you’re new to the project management industry or are a veteran with several years’ experience, PRINCE2 will always be useful. From helping you structure and manage your first project through management by stages, to helping improve team functions with its emphasis on roles and responsibilities, PRINCE2 is useful regardless of your experience level.

PRINCE2 can be used with other qualifications

PRINCE2 can be easily combined with any other project management qualification. PRINCE2 provides a technical framework by which you can structure projects, within this framework there is ample space for you to integrate soft skills and techniques from other project management methodologies.

PRINCE2 focuses on high-quality products

PRINCE2 focuses on delivering high-quality products from the very outset of a project. That means all team efforts are rooted in the end-goal, rather than the processes that get you there. This means projects run more smoothly as everyone involved is focused on a common, clear-cut goal.

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