What can a PRINCE2 qualification do for me?

PRINCE2 is the industry standard qualification for project managers, both professional project managers and business owners see it as the most basic requirement necessary to enter the field of project management.

Organizations around the world employ the PRINCE2 methods because it’s a flexible project management strategy that can be applied to projects in any industry. Importantly, it can also be used in combination with other project management methods which owes to its wide-spread usages.

A PRINCE2 qualification simply shows potential employers that you have to training necessary to keep project development teams focused on project goals while simultaneously tending to the other duties of a project manager such as stakeholder management, risk assessments and quality control.

PRINCE2 Training courses

PRINCE2 courses are fastest way to become familiar with PRINCE2 project management principles, values and methods. Furthermore, the more advanced PRINCE2 courses will teach you how to adapt the PRINCE2 method to suit different contexts and different business needs.

There are several ‘levels’ of PRINCE2 courses available on the market, making them suitable for both beginners and industry veterans. Entry-level courses have no prerequisites, making them a great place to learn the basics of the PRINCE2 method.

Keep in mind, PRINCE2 can be used to compliment other project management frameworks. A PRINCE2 course is a great way to supplement your existing knowledge on project management, or simply to improve your and personal marketability. 

PRINCE2 jobs

A project management qualification on its own is of very little value to employers. Successful project managers need to pair their industry experience with thePRINCE2 method to deliver quality products.

Having said, PRINCE2 is still the industry standard, this means you won’t be offered certain jobs if you don’t already have a PRINCE2 qualification. Luckily, the path to becoming certified is easy and shouldn’t take more than a few days.

If you do have both experience and a PRINCE2 qualification, you’ll find that project managers who hold multiple professional certifications earn more and are more employable than those without.

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