How to get the best out of your PRINCE2® course

Choose the best course for you

There are a multitude of course formats available when choosing your PRINCE2 course. There are traditional classroom courses, online courses, blended course and virtual courses. Each have their own unique pros and cons so make sure to do some preliminary research to familiarize yourself with the options available before purchasing your training.

Keep in mind that each course provider will have their own way of presenting information and each tutor will have their own style of teaching. Before you invest in a course, see if the course provider offers course demos. At the very least you should check their customer reviews on google to get an idea of what quality you can expect from the course.

Know what you need to do to remain certified

PRINCE2 certification lasts of exactly 3 years. After this period, you will have to retake an exam for your chosen PRINCE2 certificate. Make sure to plan in advance, book a refresher course if you think you might need it, or set aside some time to revise your notes before sitting the exam a second time. If you’d like to take a refresher course, consider taking an online course if you have previously taken a classroom course. An online course will allow you to cover content much faster and won’t eat up as much of your free time if you’re confident you can pass the exam again without help from an instructor.

Know what you need

Not everyone needs to attain the highest project management qualification available. If you work alongside project manager or if you work in a PRINCE2 environment but aren’t a dedicated project manager yourself. A PRINCE2 Foundation course is likely the only training you’ll ever need. 

If you work in an Agile environment, know that you might need a PRINCE2 Agile® certification in addition to a PRINCE2 project management qualification.

If you’re a student and perhaps want to flesh out your CV for the purpose of internships, an Introduction course is a cheap and easy way of impressing employers. You won’t receive any qualification, but it’s a great way of letting employers know you can work in a PRINCE2 environment.

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