Understanding PRINCE2 Certification

Some people mistakenly believe that PRINCE2 is a methodology for managing IT projects. In fact, it is a generic project management methodology, designed to be suitable for any project, in any industry. Indeed, PRINCE2 is widely used around the world today, with Knowledge Train’s courses in classrooms or online being a popular way for people to learn about how the methodology works.

PRINCE2 can be applied to a huge variety of projects – from the installation of a new computer network to building a swimming pool – and has been adopted by a
large number of organisations around the world.

Such is the popularity of PRINCE2, PRINCE2 courses are offered regularly in many major towns and cities around the UK. In addition, some employers arrange for PRINCE2 courses to be delivered on-site at their premises. The aim of PRINCE2 courses is two-fold: to help delegates form a solid understanding of PRINCE2 and to prepare them for a PRINCE2 exam. By passing a PRINCE2 exam, the delegates would achieve PRINCE2 certification, which can look great on your CV when applying for project management vacancies.

As part of a PRINCE2 course, you are likely to receive the key book about the methodology: Managing Successful Projects with PRINCE2. The most recent edition of this manual was released in 2009, when the PRINCE2 methodology was updated. The guidance found in the manual is designed to reflect current project management best practices.

Another likely feature of a PRINCE2 course is the opportunity to take a PRINCE2 examination. There are two levels of PRINCE2 exam, known as Foundation and Practitioner, with the latter being the most challenging. Very large numbers of delegates take these exams, particularly in the UK, also abroad.

The PRINCE2 Foundation exam tests people’s knowledge of the PRINCE2 methodology. By passing the exam, people achieve PRINCE2 Foundation certification, which is often regarded as essential for working on PRINCE2 projects. The PRINCE2 Practitioner exam tests people’s knowledge of the PRINCE2 methodology, as well as their ability to apply it to a given project. By passing the exam, people achieve PRINCE2 Practitioner certification, which is often regarded as essential for managing PRINCE2 projects.

Use of the PRINCE2 methodology is widespread, and PRINCE2 certification is a very popular form of project management qualification, making PRINCE2 difficult to overlook for people wanting to develop project management careers.

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