Preparing for PRINCE2 Training

PRINCE2 course (see this website is undoubtedly intense; there is a lot of information to take in during a relatively short period of time (typically 5 days or less), and you must keep calm under pressure in the exams.

Preparing effectively for your PRINCE2 training is therefore very important.

  • Make sure you complete any pre-course study required for your PRINCE2 course Spending time learning the basics about the PRINCE2 principles, themes, and processes is time well spent. You’ll only disadvantage yourself if you start your PRINCE2 training with little or no understanding of how the PRINCE2 method works.
  • Tell your colleagues and line manager that you will soon be taking an intensive training course. To make the most of the opportunity, you need to be able to focus on PRINCE2 for the duration of the course, rather than being distracted by what’s happening at work. They may have suggestions about who can perform your duties while you’re away from your desk.
  • During the exams, always base your answers on what PRINCE2 indicates is the correct course of action, not what happened on projects you worked on in the past. The exams test your knowledge of PRINCE2, so PRINCE2 should be your focus.
  • Manage your time carefully during the course. You are likely to be asked to complete homework on most evenings, helping to consolidate what you learn at the training sessions during the day. Are there any work functions or social occasions that may clash with these commitments? You may want to consider clearing your schedule to make things easier on yourself.
  • Keep calm – many people complete PRINCE2 training and pass their exams. If you prepare well for the course and put plenty of effort into it, you increase your chances of success.